Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer 2012 Movies

After a much needed break from writing these reviews for my film class that I was taking, I'm back again.  This summer seems to be a pretty promising summer for movies and it looks like I will be going to a lot of movies.  I've been to a bunch already this summer and the list of movies that I see is only going to get bigger!

The Pirates! Band of Misfits
This was the first movie I saw of the summer and I thought it was hilarious.  I love stop animation and this is from the same creators of Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run which are both AMAZING!  I love the detail that the creators put into making these movies because they are so time consuming to make.

A movie based on pirates...okay Disney has done that with the Pirates of the Carribean series and used the star power and comedic performance of Johnny Depp to make it a great film.  But, The Pirates! Band of Misfits uses just straight comedy.  The whole premise of the movie is that the head pirate of this one ship of useless pirates or aren't really good at being pirates is trying to win "Pirate of the Year".  The only thing that the Pirate Captain (which is his actual name) has to over come are:  that he's not a very good pirate, there are 3 other amazing pirates that get a lot more booty than he ever has, and the Queen does not like pirates and is after and wanting to kill any pirate that crosses her.  With these three things against him and his crew it is a ball of laughs the entire time.

As the poster says, "Laugh Your Booty Off" is a true statement.  I don't want to give away anything about the plot because you need to see this film if you like kid movies that have a lot of adult jokes in it.  I couldn't believe some of the jokes that they told and innuendos but then I realized I got them but a kid probably wouldn't so it be okay.

The Avengers not much to say about this movie other than it was an action pact superhero movie that tops all the others that have been made.  It did amazing in the box office and put a star studded cast together.  I thought the new Hulk, played by Mark Ruffalo was a great choice and hopefully if they make an Avengers 2 they go with him again because he was a good choice to play the big green man.

I've recently started watching the cartoon version of the Avengers and the one thing that had me wondering about it was why didn't they include all of the Avengers.  The writers, director, and producers left of Ant Man, Wasp, and Black Panther.  I wouldn't mind leaving out Ant Man because I think it wouldn't look realistic with the rest of the film and also his character is pretty boring.  Wasp it would have been nice to see because she is really funny in the show.  The one I was most disappointed about was Black Panther.  He is such a bad ass character and it would have been great to see him in the movie!  Just look at his costume it would have been amazing in the movie!  But maybe, just maybe if there is a second movie he will make the cut to become part of the Avengers!!!  Fingers Crossed

P.S.  Make sure you see all of the other Avengers individual movies (except the Hulk one's they aren't very good) because it will easier to understand than without seeing them.  The first time I went without seeing Thor and I was confused about all the characters in the movie that dealt with Thor.

Men in Black III eh...that's all really.  I love these movies but this one was just eh.  Will Smith is certainly showing that he is getting older in the film.  It had some good laughs in it like all Men in Black movies do but the story line was eh.  Not that impressed with it.

Dark Shadows  it is a typical Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp film.  These two have made great films together and this one is up there.  It was funny and was very entertaining.  I've never seen the original Dark Shadows television show, which I heard is really dark, but I thought for an interpretation of the film was pretty good.  Of course Johnny Depp was great, Helena Bonham Carter was superb, and the rest of the cast were equally as good.  I'm now very interested in watching the old Dark Shadows shows which are now on Netflix online if you have an account with them.

Snow White and the Huntsmen its sad to say that this was Kristen Stewart's best acting in a film...yup.  I thought it was a good movie but it seemed long.  It may have just been me but I thought it was.  Charlize Theron was not as good as I thought as see was going to be in the movie, I found her portrayal of the Evil Queen was annoying.  Chris Hemsworth once again played a ruggedly handsome character almost similar to Thor.  Kristen Stewart for once I did not want to punch her in the mouth for the awkward things she said or her awkward style of acting.  I would take her in the movie acting over the Twilight series or the way she acts in real life. However, the most annoying character besides Charlize Theron was her screen brother who was a pervert and just wouldn't stop chasing Snow White.  He didn't know when to give up, like really your never going to get Snow White so give up!

Madagascar 3:  Europe's Most Wanted was really funny and I could not stop giggling.  It was so funny and I went to go see it with my sister during the afternoon and it was completely filled with children.  I think my sister who is 25 and me who is almost 22 were the youngest people there...NOT with a child.  But what makes movies like this better is seeing it with little kids because they laugh and it is a genuine laugh that makes me laugh so much.   The 3rd movie in the situation was the best  of them all and it had songs in it that I could not stop singing because they are so damn catchy.

Welp,  there are going to be many more posts like this and I can't wait to go see many more movies this summer!

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