Monday, April 30, 2012

Thriller Flops

My new favorite genre of film that I've been really getting into lately is thrillers.  I love being scared and having those jump out of your seat moments that happen during the film.  So, this semester at school I went and saw two thrillers that I was really excited for.

The 1st was The Woman in Black featuring Daniel Radcliffe.  I feel like I'm going to use this word a lot when talking about thrillers but I'm gonna say...POTENTIAL.  This film had such potential to be a great and scary film but because of some terrible acting and an iffy story line the film fell flat.  There were only a few moments in the film that made me jump but other than that nothing.

The next film that had such great POTENTIAL was The Raven which I saw this past weekend and this was another film that rested on it being a thriller too much.  Also the film relied too much on it being about Edgar Allen Poe short stories and poems and him being very dark.  The acting and dialogue fell really short for me with John Cusak leading the way for disappointment.  This movie could have been amazing but yet it wasn't.

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